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About Weed Control Services


Weed control involves a series of steps that we perform to help stop or reduce the growth of weeds, particularly noxious weeds. Weed control can lower their competition with surrounding flora and fauna that can include domesticated plants and livestock within a natural setting. This can, in turn, prevent non-native species from competing with native species. Below are the steps involved in weed control:

  • Use of Weed-Killing Herbicides: Herbicides control weed outbreaks and professional treatments are much more effective than over-the-counter agents.
  • Improvement of Soil Organic Matter: Turning plant waste into helpful nutrient matter can help improve the soil.
  • Reducing Pests: Weeds attract pests that may be harmful to your yard and even property.
  • Application of Mulch Beds: Mulch moistens the soil and can prevent the growth of unwanted weeds.
  • Using Pre-Emergent Agents: Pre-emergent agents hinder the germination of weed seedlings inside the soil.

Benefits of Our Professional Weed Control Services

Weed control is an important aspect of lawn care. It must be taken seriously as weeds often actively compete with other plants for food, space, air, water, and nutrients. This can leave your plants undernourished which may, in turn, cause them to wither and die prematurely. Leaving your plants unattended can invite weeds and in most cases, weeds will win. Weed control helps you to maintain a healthy lawn that is free of weeds. This enables you to support smooth irrigating waterflow, maintain good pesticide control, and prevent organisms that carry diseases. The use of herbicides in weed control can be done in crop rows and where cultivation is not possible. For pre-emergent agents, they provide early-season weed control and lower the need for pre-planting tillage.

Why Choose Professional Weed Control Services from The Lawn King of Texas?

At The Lawn King of Texas, our team is comprised of proud homeowners who know exactly what our own customers look for when it comes to professional lawn care. We put our best foot forward in every assignment to ensure our customers get to enjoy top-notch quality, premium customer service, and world-class integrity. We aim to deliver to you results that we as homeowners would expect from professionals. We truly believe that every customer deserves nothing less than exceptional work performance.

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